Dunking Bird Printing Services

Dunking Bird Productions offers a wide range of printable media to assist the Visual Artist, Photographer or Business Representative who needs high quality large format prints at individualized "short run" or "print-on-demand" prices. Choose from the best quality paper, cotton rag, silk, canvas, Tyvek, or vinyl substrates to display and market your artwork. All our materials are tested and approved to insure long lasting quality and beauty. With proper care your fine art prints will last well over 100 years. Or, your business can have customized and colorful P.O.P. displays, banners or other signage that is durable and can stand up to the elements.

Dunking Bird can scan artwork or print directly from your digital files. An average size work (16X20) costs around $25 to scan. A $20.00 file preparation fee, which includes up to three 8X10 color matching proofs, is charged one-time-only before making the first print. If required, additional proofs cost $10.00 each. Creative work, such as retouching, clean-up, extensive spot color adjustments, paste-up, insertion of text, or creating and adjusting image composition is charged at the rate of $50 per hour.

Because of the wide range of material costs and the fluctuating needs of individual artists, we prefer to work out a custom quote for each print job. The following chart will give you a basic idea of the price for creating the key "first print" on some of the materials we currently stock, these prices are based on a 18X24 inch print:

HP Litho-Realistic paper.................................$48.00
Instant Dry satin and glossy Photo-papers.....$63.00
Hahnemuhle 310 gm. Smooth cotton rag......$90.00
Collector Matte Canvas..................................$98.00

After the first print is made any subsequent prints within a specific edition receive a discount.

We currently print all our jobs on the HP Z3100 DesignJet, using the Vivera 70 set of twelve individual inks. The printer makes beautiful images that are extremely consistent. Aided by the on-board Gertag Macbeth i1 Technology spectrophotometer, images printed on this system match across time and various materials. The quad ink system of blacks and grays also allows us to make truly brilliant black and white photographic prints with no "bronzing" effect.

Dunking Bird Productions is not strictly a "reproduction" or giclee printer. Because we, ourselves, create original contemporary digital art we understand artists and are open to exploring materials and modes of display that are innovative and experimental. For that reason we do not have a strict "one-size-fits-all" pricing structure and are open to discussing and working with your needs. So contact us directly to begin exploring the possibilities and the potential of printing art digitally.

For reliable, up to the minute, third party information on the inks and papers used to make Dunking Bird Productions prints see the test results by Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc.


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